Nutritional Info


At TIGRIS, we believe in the nutrition power of whole foods.  Seeds, in particular, are a nutrition powerhouse, containing all the nutrients needed for a plant to sprout and grow. Sesame Seeds, the primary ingredient in TIGRIS Stone Ground Sesame Butter, are packed with nutrition. We partner with a manufacturer that stone grinds the seeds to produce our sesame butter, preserving the nutritional profile of the seed.  

Some well documented health benefits of Sesame include:

  • Source of Plant Protein and Fiber
  • Source of B Vitamins
  • Rich in Minerals including: Copper, Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Molybdenum and Selenium.
  • Source of phytosterols, including Sesamol.  Phytosterols are compounds believed to reduce blood cholesterol levels, enhance immune response and decrease risk of some cancers. For some light bedtime reading, see a study on phytosterols from the NIH (we love rigorous scientific studies).

Long History as Food and Medicine

Sesame seeds have a long history in the human diet.  Early records show sesame being a staple food in ancient China, Japan, Greece, India and the Middle East.  In addition to being an ancient food source, the health properties of sesame found their way into traditional medicines such as: Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and African folk medicines.

Sugar: A little dab'll do ‘ya

At TIGRIS, we want to have our halva and eat it too.  We specifically designed our Sweet Halva and Dark Chocolate flavors to deliver on the sweetness we crave with minimal sugar content.

At only 3g sugar per serving, it has one of the lowest sugar contents of sweet nut/seed spreads out there.  Some of the competition:

Brand and Product

Grams Added Sugar

TIGRIS Sweet Halva


TIGRIS Dark Chocolate


Justin’s Honey Almond Butter


Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter


Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Butter


88 Acres Vanilla Spice Sunflower Butter


Earth Balance Peanut Coconut Spread




Artisana Hazelnut Cacao